Escapade by Jordan DeGaetano

Picture yourself in a boat on a river With tangerine trees and marmalade skies      I grasp Izzy’s hand too tightly as Beatles music encapsulates the crowd. I’ve never…
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The Heart by Rebecca Mendel

I. The Madness I’m not strumming along for your sympathy. Cow bells rattle in my ears. Please, do not listen to them. I should have known it would go like…
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snow by kai holl

“i’ve never seen snow” she tells me i tell her “it’s like dandruff falling from an overused brush, tossed aside” she says “that’s very poetic” and laughs it sounds like…
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Marlboro Reds by Katherine DuVal

I had just filled my head with cement, grey and cracked already under the pressure of, “Please, please, my parents are asleep— Don’t make any noise.” I shut my lips…
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Her by Alex Romano

I could write a poem about daffodils. I could. I could write a stupid poem about daffodils. And it would be sad and heart-string-pulling and have a strong anecdote to…
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Fugue by Julia Daly

Doctors said she was the owner of problematic post-synaptic endings, she heard layered noises—birds pecking at tree bark, and picking up pieces, of forests to build nests with—sounds remorselessly penetrating…
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